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TKO: An Human Experiment film poster

TKO: An Human Experiment is the first movie to be released under Tarus Universe. The film was made with a budget of less than 4,000 and is currently viewable through Cinevolt. The film is a docudrama, filmed like a documentary but set in a fiction world. The film was produced by Ani-Flix Studios, and directed by Chinese director, Zhang Li. 

Only one noteable character makes their first appearance in the film and that's the character, TKO. 

TKO: An Human Experiment follows TKO has she tries to escape from Austin, TX because of her decision to leave the Human's Weapon Exchange Program at an science and medical institution known as The Facility. While at The Facility, TKO explains about the testing and experimentations on her and other human beings at The Facility. She explains the experimentations is what gave her her powers, and why she's wanted for the HWEP. 

Nonetheless, TKO flees to China where she is to meet with her boyfriend. It is revealed at the end of the movie that she was captured and taken to the Underground City. However, as she flees to China, the movie focus' on the point of view of her boyfriend by the name of Patrick and his journey to get to Taiwan so as to meet up with TKO. During this process, Patrick goes to see a few of his friends,

TKO An Human Experiment Trailer 2

TKO An Human Experiment Trailer 2

 explaining to them his situation. Most of them warn him of trying to be with TKO but he doesn't care. Patrick does make it to Taiwan.